viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Couples: Is your sex life boring?

Don't get bored anymore in your sex life... Read and fuck! (not with your husband)

"Manuel De Civilité Pour Les Petites Filles À L'Usage Des Maisons D'Éducation" was published anonymously in 1927 by Pierre Louÿs.

His sense of humour has been praised just as much as his transgressive spirit. We should not, however, applaud the work’s subversive aspect, rather its contribution to maintaining the traditional structure of society (family, marriage and state administration).

My homage to Mr Louÿs does not come from pure cynicism. It is a sincere recognition, considering the millions of marriages that have stayed together thanks to him.

Further proof of his remarkable educational relevance is the irrefutable fact that while all other urban handbooks have long been forgotten, his has been read and re-read right up to the present day. There is really no pedagogue, educator or strict professor who has influenced so many youngsters and adults alike. Urban handbooks only teach suffering – they do nothing but pose limits. Our friend, however, teaches us to live, to break rules.

Despite his undoubtable contribution to humanity, we rarely praise the ingenuity of the authors of erotic literature. We read their books behind closed doors, not in public squares, parks or libraries. We don’t homage them, and their names don’t appear on street plaques. Meanwhile, the names of those in politics and the military flood our urban spaces. That’s what we get.

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